The Cat’s Out of the Bag  Successful Homeopathic Treatment for Animals 

with Christina Chambreau, DVM, CVH


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An Intro to Successful Homeopathic Treatment for Animals with Christina Chambreau, DVM



The increasing prevalence of chronic disorders in animals is a challenge for many pet owners. Fortunately, homeopathy can be of great help. The question is: Can those people who are homeopathically trained to help humans also help animals?

In practice, working with animals is very similar to working with infants – neither can say what’s wrong or how they’re feeling. That doesn’t mean we can’t effectively employ homeopathy (with proper training of course). Animals have been successfully helped with homeopathy since Hahnemann’s time. Bönninghausen, Hahnemann’s esteemed peer, wrote in The Lesser Writings, “When I first began my experiments with the 200 potency, I limited (them) exclusively to animals, but by the most surprising successes I soon gained the courage to transfer them also to men.” The earliest recorded veterinary successes have carried forward and we now have a huge knowledge base that continues to grow with each generation of homeopathic veterinarians.

In this course, renowned veterinarian Dr. Christina Chambreau will use her extensive experience to teach you how to homeopathically help your pets, your friends’ pets, your clients’ pets and the animals at your local shelter or rescue group. Her course is designed for both skilled homeopathic practitioners as well as students who are only familiar with the basic tools of homeopathy.

Dr. Chambreau will explain, step-by-step, how to use our homeopathic guidelines to specifically help your furry friends. At the very first session, you’ll learn how to remove obstacles to cure. Case-taking, repertorizing, potency selection, remedy administration, and response evaluation will follow, giving you a complete plan of action for the successful homeopathic treatment of the animals in your life.

Not sure how to find an appropriate rubric for anal glands or tails? Dr. Chambreau will teach you how. Your cat refuses to take medicine? Dr. Chambreau has the solution to this problem and so much more, using homeopathy and also sharing other treatment strategies that have proven helpful in her practice.

During this course, Dr. Chambreau will cover the following conditions:

  • hypothyroid
  • hyperthyroid
  • skin and ears
  • seizures
  • asthma
  • autoimmune
  • inflammatory bowel disease
  • kidney disease
  • stomatitis
  • heart disease

And, as a SPECIAL BONUS, students enrolled in the course will have an opportunity to submit specific conditions and Dr. Chambreau will provide an overview - not what remedy is needed - but how to approach said condition in that animal.

For cases submitted in advance we will need need:

  • Current problem
  • age, species, diet
  • Are the following given: vaccines, heartworm prevention, flea and tick conventional chemicals
  • A brief list of prior problems

Don’t miss this long-anticipated course with accomplished veterinary homeopath Dr. Christina Chambreau!