Remedies from the Periodic Table

Course Details

Join Dr. Will Taylor and Kim Elia in this 20 hour (10-session) recorded course, as they cover a selection of remedies from the mineral kingdom. Will and Kim compare and contrast remedy pictures through a combination of case studies and formal materia medica study. You'll come away with crystal-clear images of these remedies, practical information you can apply right away in a clinical setting.

This course also examines the contemporary assumptions underlying descriptions of remedies from the mineral kingdom and predictions of remedy action based on the periodic table arrangement, including the work of Jan Scholten, Divya Chhabra, Rajan Sankaran, Luc De Schepper, the Joshis, and more. The use of Lanthanides and Actinides in practice is also discussed.

Remedies from the Periodic Table, Part One is the first in a 2-part series. Part Two of this series will be offered as a live course. 

Illustrations of minerals

Remedies covered will include a number of well-known, lesser-known, and recently-introduced members of the mineral kingdom.

A partial list includes: Barium salts, Argentum metallicum, Argentum nitricum, the Aurum salts, the Halogens, Cuprum, Zincum and the Magnesiums, the Natrums, the Mercuries, Phosphorus/Arsenicum/Bismuth, the Antimoniums — plus a comparison of Iridium/Platina/Aurum/Palladium/Argentum.