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Homœopathic Medicine – Pure & Applied 6 Part Series

HANP continuing education lecture series

G. Dimitriadis, BSc, DHom(Syd), DHomMCCH(Eng), FHom(UK), GHIH(Syd)


NOTE:  If you have already taken the course Homœopathic Medicine: Pure & Applied with George Dimitriadis through WHN, please email Kate before registering.  You are eligible for a discount on this course!


This series of six lectures is aimed at providing a basis for the specialist homœopathic practitioner to understand the history and development of Homœopathic Medicine – from Hahnemann’s reproducible observations of individual substance effects and consequent induction of a general similars principle. These observations opened the way to a new and pure materia medica (devoid of conjecture & hypothesis) and his foundational pharmacography (Fragmenta, RA, CK). We next detail the history & development of repertory with particular focus on the Therapeutisches Taschenbuch (TT) of Bönninghausen (the creator of our Repertory as we know it), itself modelled upon Hahnemann’s clear pharmacographic structure (abstraction of symptoms), and further illustrate TT’s use with a variety of case exercises through our own modern English language translation The Bönninghausen Repertory, 2nd edition (TBR2). Each lecture provides plentiful and clear citation to sources in order to facilitate further investigation and studies beyond the lecture series.