Planes, Trains and Automobiles - HOMŒOPATHY AWAY FROM HOME


Calling in from various locations across the globe, three seasoned homeopaths - Richard Pitt, Alastair Gray & Kim Elia, will share their perspectives on staying healthy while traveling.


Travel, whether for work or pleasure, has the potential to cause either tremendous joy or terrible disappointment. The disappointment is particularly acute because expectations surrounding travel run so high.

The yearly vacation, planned months in advance, was supposed to subdue marital woes, the business trip was supposed to facilitate a promotion, the photo shoot was supposed to produce the next viral video on YouTube … and so on. An assumption is made regarding the trip—a high expectation is set—but meeting it can be a challenge, especially considering all the things that can go wrong when one is away from home.

When the goal is met—the trip is as perfect as it can be—there’s no better feeling in the world. Even when a few minor problems arise a trip can be deemed a success. But when the bad starts to outweigh the good, the memorable experience one hoped for turns into a nightmare better forgotten.

What causes a trip to derail so thoroughly? On the health front the trouble might be caused by a disease or physical ailment—malaria, hypothermia, or a snakebite – to name just a few hazards. On the travel front, lost luggage, a fraudulent cabdriver, or a cancelled flight might cause derailment. On the personal front it could be caused by general grumpiness, drowsiness, fatigue, an over-zealous TSA search, or disagreements within your travel group. And then there’s the unpredictable weather: A tsunami or hurricane doesn’t make for a fun time unless you’re a weatherman.

Travel insurance—after the fact—can alleviate some of the pain of deflated plans, but only to a point. It can’t cure your illness, change your attitude, or salvage damaged relationships. Can anything help turn a trip around when it's threatening to crash and burn? Yes! Homoeopathy can do just that. Not homeopathy, which means “suffering at home” — more on that topic during the class.

Having collectively circumnavigated the globe hundreds of times, Alastair Gray, Richard Pitt, and Kim Elia have enough material for a travelogue that covers the entire world. They’ve experienced both the highs and the lows of travel, and are coming together in this new series to share their strategies on how to overcome the lows with homœopathy. Fun stories of the highs will be sprinkled in, so stay tuned for an interesting and informative six sessions.

It’s a 3-2-1 offering, with Kim covering the gamut in three sessions—everything from first aid to jet lag to Montezuma’s revenge. Richard, in two sessions, will focus on the acute and tropical diseases that can overthrow a well-planned and highly anticipated trip to an exotic location. Alastair’s session will cover “all the tips and tricks you need when you’re traveling,” those homœopathic strategies that will allow you to travel anywhere, in any style, and in perfect health.

Buckle up and join these experienced travelers — who also happen to be homœopathic masters — on their journey into the stratosphere of homœopathic treatment on the road.

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