"Learning is a lifelong journey. I have been blessed with wonderful teachers in my life.....but every now and then you encounter one who does more than teach......one who inspires you to think beyond the curriculum and draw from perhaps dusty corners of your mind. John Millar is such a teacher. In his classroom, the subject matter becomes alive, meaningful and relevant.... and fascinating! The power of Classical Homeopathy is revealed in all its healing beauty and the student is changed forever - no longer able to think in limited ways - but instead enriched with sound knowledge, wisdom, creativity and compassion."  — Catherine Elliott


Facing the New Normal

Homœopathic Solutions for the Post Pandemic Era

A 6-Week Course on dealing with the Trials and Tribulations of Quarantine

Starts July 16 and continues through August 20th

“When one suffers we all suffer.” “We are all connected.”

Such aphorisms are especially potent and poignant during times of crisis and global suffering. Consider the aftermath of a worldwide viral pandemic, or the global outcry that follows the revelation of irrevocable injustice. These are difficult times indeed! What does Homœopathy have  to offer? If, as so many have suggested, it is “ homœopathy's time to  shine”, in what ways can we address the current crisis facing humanity?

WholeHealthNow is pleased to make a humble offering in the form of our new course, Facing the New Normal: Homœopathic Solutions for the    Post-Pandemic Era.

This course, led by Dr. John Millar, will offer points of departure for practitioners of all styles, levels and modes of practice, to begin addressing the ongoing fallout of the global pandemic. What does an effective intervention look like when there is no preventative or treatment available? What about the health effects that result from secondary waves of infectious diseases coupled with a socio-economic crisis?

We’re confronted with unprecedented loss on an individual and societal scale. As practitioners, we must prepare ourselves to be of service to those who are experiencing tremendous loss. The attempts to prevent the spread of infection by social isolation and distancing have secondary ramifications that could be worse than the infection itself. The kinds of losses that are occurring have real health consequences.

Shifted life circumstances include:
Loss of loved ones, friends and family.
Loss of employment and financial security.
Loss of human physical contact.
Loss of social standing.
Loss of freedom, personal autonomy and civil liberties.
Loss of personal power.

Setting the stage for disease expression:
Loss of resiliency: increase in self medication via alcohol and other drugs.
Loss of faith, spiritual and otherwise: hopelessness & fear of poverty.
Loss of trust: increased paranoia.
Loss of optimism for the future: increased anxiety.
Loss of health: fear of contagion.

Throughout the course we will examine the rubrics and differential materia medica that relate to each of these losses. We’ll explore case examples to bring these differentials to light, and deepen our understanding of how we can help using homœopathy.

Why this course? Why now? A crisis looms.
As of this writing (June 2020), the a sad fact is that it appears, according to statistics, that the worst is yet to come. Only 13% of Americans believe the height of the pandemic has already passed!

Just a few of the indicators of the looming crisis:
Prescriptions for anti-anxiety drugs are up.
More than half of Americans worry about long-term investment losses, loss of work and loss of loved ones.
We are starting to see a rise in suicides.
A clear majority — 85% — worry local businesses will permanently close due to loss of revenue.

It’s time.

We have our work cut out for us. But we also have a unique system of healing that has a tremendous capacity to help move individuals - and thus all of society - toward the goal of healthy vital expression.

The learning objectives for this course are:

  • Increased knowledge of materia medica.
  • Increased knowledge of selection and use of rubrics.
  • Increased ability to find and develop the genius of the case.
  • Increased knowledge and understanding of dealing with the impact of epidemics.
  • Increased knowledge and understanding of the pace of disease.

  • Learn more about this coursehttp://wholehealthnow.com/courses/facing-normal.html