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Homeopathy & Religion with Kim Elia

One 2-Hour Session 
Thursday, January 27, 2022 
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm Pacific time*

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What is religion? What is Homœopathy?

This 2-hour course offers you a unique opportunity to gain a grasp of the key ideas of religion and spirituality and develop an understanding of how these ideas relate to the practice of Homœopathic medicine. During our investigation of the various facets of religious and spiritual concepts and practices, we will be employing what is referred to as an academic approach. Consequently, we will not be arguing the merits or lack thereof of any religious or spiritual ideas but will instead describe the various currents found in the religious traditions around the globe. We will look at the historical and cultural perspective as it relates to the changes that religious ideas have effected at various times and places. Our objective will be to identify those aspects of religious and spiritual practice that have a relationship or concordance to the system of medicine we call Homœopathy.

Some of the topics we will touch upon include:

  • The Perennial Philosophy
  • The Judeo/Christian Tradition
  • Polytheism vs. Monotheism
  • The Filioque
  • What is Homeopathy?
  • A Classical Approach
  • Deductive vs. Inductive
  • The Scientific Method
  • Hahnemann as a Christian Humanist