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Understanding & Treating Autism with Homeopathy   
with Dr. Kavita Chandak, BHMS, PGNIH, PG (HOM) London, MD (HOM), PhD France 

A Video Case of Multi-layered Autism & its Epigenetic Origins with Dr. Kavita Chandak: 


Rates of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are soaring worldwide. The cost to families and individuals is incalculable.

In the mid-1960s, the autism rate in the United States was 1 in 10,000. By 2012, it had risen to 1 in 88, then 1 in 68 as of 2016. On December 3 of 2021, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released its latest prevalence estimates for autism, finding 1 in 44 or 2.27% of American 8-year-olds have an autism spectrum disorder.

According to a recent study in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, the U.S. is facing a “tsunami” of future autism cases with ever-increasing costs. It has been estimated that just the societal cost of this epidemic in the U.S. alone could exceed five trillion dollars by 2060. Commenting on this study, Children’s Health Defense President Mary Holland stated, “This study should be a wake-up call to all levels of society. It’s clear the U.S. is on the road to economic and political disaster if we fail to address the autism epidemic.”

These statistics and the toll taken by ASD on families and society are not just relevant for the U.S. The suffering and expense to individuals and families is equally significant worldwide. ASD is never just a disease of the individual. It affects the entire family, often with devastating consequences. We are pleased to offer this course with Dr. Kavita Chandak in our ongoing effort to support the homeopaths and families whose lives are touched by ASD.

Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) affects people in a variety of ways and can range from being relatively mild to severe. People with ASD share some symptoms, such as difficulties with social interaction, but there is a wide range of issues associated with ASD. A range of symptoms can begin at any stage of development, with varying intensity, number of symptoms present, and often other co-existing health problems. The symptoms and their severity can change over time as well.

Medical physicians look at the behavior and development of children in order to diagnose the condition - something that Homeopaths have been doing since the early days of Hahnemann. However, Homeopaths gather critical symptoms not just to diagnose, but to find an appropriate Homeopathic remedy to help guide the person towards health and happiness. Dr. Kavita Chandak has been doing exactly that for over two decades. In this 6-week course she will share her vast experience on the topic of neuropsychiatric disease, focusing specifically on autism. During the course, she will help participants to better understand ASD and will share her successful formulas and numerous clinical tips for treating this condition.

Using many video cases throughout the course, Dr. Kavita will show you how to recognize the critical symptoms in each instance, and offer detailed explanations about which rubrics are applicable to each case and why. She will also demonstrate how to look at the broader picture of the disease, perceiving the importance of themes, obstacles to cure, diet, pregnancy and birth. Dr. Kavita will also discuss relevant passages from the Organon.

Remedy and potency selection will be covered in full, including how and when to use nosodes, sarcodes, and matridonal remedies. Dr. Kavita will also discuss differential diagnosis, miasmatic involvement, how to develop a treatment plan, when to start treatment and how to determine the duration of action for each remedy.

During these interactive sessions, Dr.Kavita will also address the charged question, “Do vaccinations play a role in autism?”. She will explain why epilepsy is so prevalent and why boys are more likely to be diagnosed than girls. Finally, Dr. Kavita will offer her theories about how to “bloom genesis” (which employs a miasmatic approach leading to healthier future generations by preventing the epigenetic transfer of disease tendencies) through preventative measures.

During this course, Dr. Kavita will share new clinical symptoms that will assist you in working with your patients. You will also gain a deeper understanding of the many facets of clinical practice involved in addressing the full spectrum of ASD disorders. By participating in this course you will directly witness the translation of non-verbal autism cases into a precise verbal interpretation of the symptom picture. Don’t miss this opportunity to significantly improve your success in working with this growing population and bring relief to your patients and their families.