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USDĀ 225.00

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Will and Kim teamed up to cover an assortment of Milk and Mammal remedies, combining formal materia medica study with illustrative case examples.

Course students learned to recognize these remedies in characteristic clinical settings, with case examples providing unforgettable images that grounded their understanding.

In their unique and engaging style, Will and Kim highlighted the essential features of each remedy, and helped attendees grasp the many faces of these remedies as they are seen in practice.

Course Details


This multi-media course was presented live, with simultaneous computer and telephone conferencing. The media-rich course materials include high quality PowerPoint presentations for each of the remedies.

Cases and their repertorizations are available on the recorded CDs, along with a video recording of each session.

Remedies covered include:

Lac caninum, Lac defloratum/bovinum, Lac humanum/maternum, Lac equinum, Lac felinum, Lac leolinum, Ambra grisea, Moschus, Mephites, Castoreum canadense, Castor equi... and more.