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USDĀ 225.00

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At a time in our history when increasing numbers of people are searching for help with mental and emotional disturbances, being able to offer safe, effective and affordable homeopathic treatment is a service to humanity.

This is a full 20-hour at-home learning course (recorded live) with Kim Elia and Dr. Joe Kellerstein. From the comfort of your own home or office, you'll listen as Joe and Kim

  • guide you through the issues involved
  • share Hahnemann's perspective from the Organon
  • cover the materia medica and differential diagnosis for the most common conditions.

Included are case examples, important rubrics, follow-up and case management tips from their extensive collective experience.

Conditions covered include: Manic Depression, OCD, Anxiety, Depression, Neuroses, Phobias and much more.