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Course Details

WholeHealthNow is pleased to offer Mastering Case Analysis with Jeremy Sherr. This 10-hour recorded audio/video course offers a rare opportunity to study with one of the world's foremost homeopaths. This course is ideal for the serious homeopathic student and practitioner.

Mastering Case Analysis focuses on homeopathic case analysis, evaluation and follow-up. Jeremy covers various methods and aspects of case analysis, repertorization, remedy and potency selection, assessing remedy reaction, second prescription, and he also reviews materia medica related to the cases and concepts presented.

In addition to cases from Jeremy's own practice, selected cases from the live course participants are included.

Who will benefit?

Mastering Case Analysis & Follow-up is ideal for everyone who is seriously interested in improving his/her homeopathic case analysis skills. Experienced practitioners and students alike will benefit from Jeremy's wealth of teaching experience.