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It has become common practice today to consider homeopathic remedies in the context of remedy-groups. In Working with Botanical Families, Dr. Taylor brings his expertise in botany, zoology and classical homeopathy to help us understand and use remedies based on their possible family resemblances to better-known remedies. Through the formal taxonomic groups of the botanical families, this course teaches us how to use our known remedies to both learn "small" remedies and to adopt new remedies not yet introduced into our materia medica.
Some of the plant-based analogic groups such as trees, vines, etc. are also discussed.

Key issues examined during this 12-hour recorded course include:

  • The historical development and current status of botanical classification systems
  • Perspectives from our classical authors on working with family relationships
  • Approaches introduced by contemporary homeopathic teachers for working with plant families
  • The use of several different families-functionality features built into our homeopathic analysis software
  • Plants Main Clades
  • The comparative materia medica of some selected botanical families
  • More than a dozen acute and chronic cases that illustrate the use of families-based approaches in arriving at the simillimum

Whether you learned your materia medica from a families perspective and just want to sharpen your perceptions by studying with a naturalist of Dr. Taylor's skill, or you are a beginner in understanding the basic outlines of studying remedies in families, Working with Botanical Families can show you how to connect and differentiate remedies using the family framework.

Your Instructor

Will Taylor

"My goal is to help you develop specific skills in casework
and materia medica study which you can apply productively in every-day practice."

Dr. Will Taylor is one of today's most engaging homeopathic teachers. He is a research scientist, medical doctor and naturalist. He encourages an in depth discussion of the classical homeopathic approach in materia medica study and case analysis.

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