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Homeopathic Strategies for Post-Covid/Viral/Vaccination Symptoms 


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In this special 3-part series Dr. Gaurang will share a wide variety of clinical experiences from the last two years of the covid pandemic, including post-covid complications seen after having received one of the “vaccines”.

During this time, Dr. Gaurang and his team developed a unique clinical map and post-covid repertory which are extremely useful in the majority of long and post-covid cases. During these information filled sessions Dr. Gaurang will teach you how to use these tools through case examples using lesser-known remedies, nosodes, sarcodes and bowel nosodes. The post-covid repertory and maps have been essential tools in helping patients from around the globe and you will receive clear instructions as to how to incorporate them into your own practice.

Clinical Tips and Remedies that will be discussed:

  • Post-covid wheezing, rattling or chest complaints - Hippomanes, Kali sulphuricum, Eriodictyon californicum, Antimonium arsenicosum, etc.
  • Hair loss after covid – Thallium metallicum, Pituitary gland, Mancinella
  • Extreme exhaustion after covid – Sarcolacticum acidum Phosphorus, Psorinum, Abrotanum, Salicylicum acidum, etc.
  • Eczematous eruption post-covid/Vaccination - Morgan pure (bowel nosode), Mezereum, Thuja occidentalis, Torula cerevisiae, etc.
  • Tremors, vibrations – Agaricus muscarius, Lolium temulentum, Sabina, Sulphuricum acidum, Zincum metallicum, etc.
  • Cardiac complaints – Adonis vernalis, Ammonium carbonicum Calcarea arsenicosa, Coca (over exertion), Naja tripudians, Oxalicum acidum, Spongia(suffocation), Streptococcinum, etc.
  • General oedema – Apis mellifica, Apocynum cannabinum, China officinalis, Helleborus niger, Kali nitricum, Rauwolfia compositum, Tribulus terrestris

Additionally, Dr. Gaurang will discuss various approaches for extremely difficult cases.

  • Post-vaccination many patients have neurological, hormonal, metabolic, musculoskeletal and respiratory symptoms where superficial remedies such as Bryonia alba, Arsenicum album, Gelsemium sempevirons and Rhus toxicodendron do not work, and a deeper chronic remedy is required.
  • Post-covid lumbago and arthritis using the remedy Stellaria media will be discussed. Numerous clinical examples and remedies will be taught and shared during the course.

What will you take away from these sessions?

  • You will learn how to apply different techniques of analysis, to help the patient step-by-step in his/her recovery. Dr. Gaurang will especially focus on the cases that require a nosode like Streptococcinum, Staphylococcinum, Hippozaenium, Pyrogenium, etc.
  • You will learn how to compare lesser-know remedies to common ones. For example, Pyrogenium has the anxiety and restlessness of Arsenicum album, the prostration and coldness of Carbo vegetabilis, the bruised soreness of Arnica montana, the bone pains and chills of Eupatorium perfoliatum, the relief from motion of Rhus toxicodendron and the rattling in the chest of Antimonium tartaricum.
  • You will learn to find the deeper acting remedy, even in acute situations when the usual Bryonia alba, Nux vomica, Belladonna, Arsenicum album, etc. fails or does not relieve the patient.
  • You will learn about many different post-covid complications remaining after the patient has recovered - cold/coughs, skin symptoms (eczema, rash, etc.), cardiac problems, lung fibrosis, hair loss, autoimmune disorders, weakness/dullness, etc.
  • You will learn how to use organ remedies like Sarcolactic acid in post-covid weakness, Kali muriaticum and Ferrum phosphoricum as a biochemic remedy. Plus Hippozaenium for obstinate post-covid symptoms and Stellaria media for shifting, wandering joint pains; Aspidosperma when the oxygen levels go down in difficult cases,
  • You will learn how to tackle post-vaccination complications with deeper acting remedies, and the judicious use of nosodes and sarcodes like Influenzinum, Hippozaenium, Malandrinum, Syphilinum, Tuberculinum, Bacillinum, Variolinum, etc.
  • You will learn how to incorporate lifestyle changes that support the best Homeopathic prescription.
  • You will learn how to tackle post-viral mental health issues.

The following chart for post-covid and post-vaccination symptoms will be reviewed during the course:

Anxiety remainingAcon., Anac., Ars., Cadm., Cypr., Cadm-s., Calad., Calc., Hell., Nat-p., Psor., Sep., Scut.
Weakness RemainingPhos-ac., Sarc-acid., Sali-acid., Chin-ars., Lecithin, nosodes
Neuralgia / pain remainingChina-s., Mez., Mag-p., Ran-b., Spig., Tarax., Verb., Xanth.
Allergic reactions remainingApis., Ant-t., Med., Mez., Sil., Sycotic co (bowel nosode), Thuja, Tub., Tor. (children’s cases)

A SPECIAL BONUS - Participants will receive a POST-COVID clinical repertory as a gift after the completion of the course. You will not want to miss this timely and invaluable course with Dr. Gaurang - learn to help your patients seeking relief during these unprecedented times.