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Respiratory Allergies & Coughs with Gheorghe Jurj, MD, PhD


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Long-term Stable Outcomes in Respiratory Allergies

Dr. Jurj will share a 3-layer approach and present a case of a lesser prescribed remedy. This will be a precursor to his 4-hour mini-course, where we will go more deeply into this approach.

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In this sharply focused 4-hour course, Dr. Gheorghe Jurj will teach us how to manage — and even heal — children’s respiratory allergies. In his practice, Dr. Jurj sees at least one respiratory allergy case per week, indicating a sharp rise in the occurrence of this disease. Previously, such cases were deemed rare.

Dr. Jurj will show you how to recognize and differentiate between remedies in acute cases. What are the particular keynotes for each? Which questions should be asked in order to have confidence in the remedy choice? How do we manage cases over the long term, including how to wean a child off antihistamines and cortisone sprays? Posology (potency and frequency) will be included in the discussion, and there will be plenty of time for Q&A on these difficult topics. This special session will be enhanced by videos illustrating remedy differentials.

Remedies that will be showcased on video include:

  • Euphrasia eyes
  • Allium cepa nose
  • Sabadilla gestures
  • Spongia cough
  • Ipecacuanha cough
  • Bromium cough
  • Iodium cough
  • Drosera cough
  • And more!

Dr. Jurj will also address the challenge of knowing when to switch from acute to chronic treatment. He will show us the optimal timeline, pinpointing when to start treatment of chronic cases after (or between) acute episodes. He will answer questions such as: 1) How long do you wait after a crisis before treating the chronic condition? 2) How long do you continue the chronic treatment? 3) Do you give a complimentary remedy to the acute one? and 4) How does Hystaminum or Isopathy (for instance, using a problematic pollen) come into play?

Finally, Dr. Jurj will talk about what to do with lab findings. Do they influence your remedy choice? Are they valuable when surveying the case outcomes? Each participant will receive valuable Tips and Tricks that Dr. Jurj has developed over many years, after working with hundreds of these cases.

Whether you treat children or not, this course is sure to enhance your understanding and management of respiratory allergies in general. Join Dr. Jurj for this whirlwind yet comprehensive look into this disease complex. These jam-packed four hours will be well-spent!