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Over the Hill & Out of the Woods
A Homeopathic Road Map for Success with Geriatrics
with Gheorghe Jurg, MD, PhD

Over the Hill & Out of the Woods: A Homeopathic Road Map for Success with Geriatrics

with Gheorghe Jurj, MD, PhD

Dates: Saturdays | 8:00 am - 12:00 noon Pacific time

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Dr. Gheorghe Jurj brings us another insightful course, this time focusing on what is often called the third stage of life. His Homeopathic Roadmap for Geriatric Cases gives clear navigation of even those cases that are incurable or terminal. Dr. Jurj has been successfully treating the geriatric population for 30 years, and he will share both his simple and his complex tools for remedy selection.

The course will be arranged by conditions, using videotaped cases, to bring home the fact that geriatric patients often come to us with multiple pathologies. Disease types reviewed include the cardiological, neurological, dermatological, rheumatological, oncological, and digestive systems, among others, but the course goes much deeper than simply reviewing checklists of diagnostic-related symptoms. Dr. Jurj considers the visual and more nuanced symptoms just as important. The key lies in prioritizing, and Dr. Jurj will explain how to determine which disease needs priority focus in the moment - as the patient is sitting before you and giving their case. He will also show how to manage the concomitant allopathic therapies that so often cannot be stopped.

Well-known polychrests as well as smaller remedies, such as Clematis, Digitalis, and Sarsaparilla will be covered, and Dr. Jurj will demonstrate how to choose between the top remedy choices. He will give in-depth lessons on how remedies regress in old age, and describe the "look" of Lycopodium, Lachesis, Agaricus (and others) when this devolution has occurred. In one of the sessions, he will show how to make a differential diagnosis of the Acids, an important tool to learn since many older constitutions decompensate Acids. Dr. Jurj will also describe how this regression happens with Natrum, Kalium, Iodatum and Aurum remedies.

This comprehensive course will also provide case-taking pointers and guidance on which potencies to use and for how long. These cases often require management over a longer period of time, so it's important to understand the road map of dosing. Dr. Jurj will bring together all the pieces of geriatric management into a coherent whole, giving the attendees increased confidence in their treatment of geriatric patients. His experience has coalesced into a beautifully aged system that has proved its efficaciousness. Don't miss out! Sign up for the course and incorporate these time-tested standards of practice into your own geriatric caseloads.

About Gheorghe Jurj

Dr. Gheorghe Jurj is an MD who has practiced homeopathy in Romania for over 30 years. He has been teaching post graduate courses in homeopathy to physicians in Romania, Spain, and South America for many years, and this course will be his first offering to an English-speaking audience.

Dr. Jurj completed his medical training at Romania’s Medical University of Timisoara in 1984. He spent his early years as a General Practitioner in an isolated mountain community with a population of 5,000, where he provided basic medical services, including a small surgery, work medicine, and counseling. During this time he developed the concept of “Real Time Medicine,” which has now become “Real Time Homeopathy”. Dr. Jurj discovered homeopathy in 1990, whereupon he “felt like a salmon back in its native waters.”

Dr. Jurj holds a PhD in Semiotics, the study of how we use signs and symbols to create and communicate meaning. He has fused Semiotics and Homeopathy in a practical and wonderful way, and his teaching helps refine our observations during casetaking, leading to a deeper understanding of patient expressions.

His publications have been included in major professional journals including Homeopathy, Homeopathic Heritage, Il medico Homeopata, Revista de Homeopatia, Int. Jour. High Dilution Res, Ukrainian Journal of Homeopathy, and more.

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