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case management boxPrinciples of Case Mangement
Instructor: Will Taylor, MD
12 hours of recorded video, 
from live sessions originally aired September 4 - November 20, 2013

The initial prescription could be compared very much to the opening drive in a game of golf.   We have our rare holes-in-one; but the mark of a proficient practitioner is not so much measured by these rare successes, as it is by the art of proceeding along from there, of following the patient down the path toward cure. Which involves:

  • knowing what to do
  • knowing what not to do
  • understanding when to do or not to do it

and perhaps most importantly, being able to discern

  • what has occurred,
  • where we are now,
  • and what needs to occur next.

Topics addressed in this course:

  • Assessing Remedy Action in the followup setting
  • Understanding and Working with Aggravations
  • The "First Followup Phenomenon"
  • Simillimum or Kind-of-Close-icum ? - identification in retrospect
  • Understanding Cure, Palliation, and Suppression
  • Directions of Cure; what did Hering really say, and where do we go from there?
  • Management of Old Symptoms Returning
  • Repeating the remedy; dose and potency considerations
  • Single-dose and Repetitive dosing strategies - including management of the LM potencies
  • Following up on the close-enoughicum; when the initial prescription was close but not close enough
  • Working with One-sided / Defective cases
  • Special Considerations for the Sensitive Patient
  • The Second Prescription
  • Remedies that Follow
  • Working with Acutes in the chronic case
  • Recognizing and working with Obstacles to Cure
  • Polypharmacy and Multiple Medical Interventions - if, when, how, &` it happens whether we intend it to or not
"What is more beautiful to look upon than the bud during its hourly changes to the rose in its bloom ... The return symptom-image unfolds the knowledge by which we know whether the first prescription was the specific or the palliative, i. e., we may know whether the remedy was deep enough to cure all the deranged vital wrong or simply a superficially acting remedy, capable of only a temporary effect. The many things learned by the action of the first remedy determine the kind of demand made upon the physician for the second prescription."
James Tyler Kent, Lecture on the Second Prescription, 1888


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