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history boxThe History of Homeopathy
Instructor: Kim Elia

All aboard for passion, romance, and political intrigue: homeopathic history is coming alive.

Discover the roots of the ideas that are shaping homeopathic practice today. Join WHN Courses for a 10-week tour of the rich and fascinating history of homeopathy. Your guide for this unique course will be our own Kim Elia, known the world over not only for his encyclopedic knowledge of homeopathy, but also for his unparalleled ability to make a story come alive!

Kim will take you on a memorable journey through the rich and fascinating history of homeopathy. We'll delve deeply into the past, with first-hand accounts of significant events, recreated debates, rich images and much more - a choreography that will bring to life the very roots of the ideas that shape homeopathy in the 21st Century. This won't be a survey of names and dates, but rather our vehicle for understanding today's homeopathic practice through the lens of the past. 

This promises to be a history course unlike anything you've ever experienced. Passion, romance, splits and factions, insanity, secret notebooks, and of course... plenty of what we all love: cases, cases and more cases!!


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