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smal remedies boxSmall Remedies your Mother never told you about ...

with Will Taylor, MD
13.5 hours of recorded video, from live sessions originally aired 21.October 2013 - 20.January 2014

Join Will as he explores a collection of "small" remedies his mother never told him about, which he's nevertheless discovered to be valuable in the course of clinical practice.  All remedies discussed will be illustrated in cases provided prior to our live sessions, with a special acknowledgement provided for those who choose to work up the case and identify the needed remedy ahead of our discussion.

In the course of working through these cases, and describing these remedies in close detail, we'll look into some commonly-asked, and seldom adequately answered, questions -

  • What is a small remedy?  And why?
  • Why are some remedies so small, while others grow to the status of a polycrest? 
  • Why might we wish to consider a small remedy for a case, when it appears that a polycrest might do?
  • Some remedies appear to be “large” in the context of specific pathologies (e.g., physical trauma) or localities (e.g., “bladder remedies”), while remaining “small” in a more general context - is it realistic to characterize remedies in this way?
  • Can we recognize features in a case which might suggest that it is calling for a small remedy?
  • How might we organize and examine our analysis, to best bring out a small remedy, when one is appropriate to the case?
  • How can we best recognize the significance of a small remedy showing up in an analysis?

           ... and very importantly,

  • How can we find information about, and study, a small remedy, when we cannot find an adequate (or any) description in our materia medica texts?
  • What are some effective ways to study a small remedy in comparison / contrast with other remedies, including those "larger," better-known remedies with which it might be confused?

(*note - the remedies we will cover will not necessarily be those illustrated here, or in the course banner - Will is full of surprises, and likes to keep it that way)


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