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Acute Care for the Homeopathic Practioner - Part 1
instructor: Will Taylor, MD

  • 17 hours of recorded video, for self-paced study
  • Downloadable lecture handouts for each session
  • Cases
  • Reading materials & resources
  • Online quizzes for self-assessment & documentation of participation for 17 hours of continuing education credit

This course presents homeopathic acute care from the perspective of a family physician with over 29 years of clinical experience, 19 of those dedicated to homeopathic practice in the primary care setting. Through a focus on those acute presentations that are most commonly encountered in primary care, this 17-hour recorded course covers all aspects of care in the acute homeopathic clinic. Cases involving common clinical complaints including acute middle ear infections, croup and upper respiratory infections, pertussis (whooping cough), urinary tract infections, acute diarrhea, acute physical trauma, and acute skin infections provide the context to examine philosophy and principles of practice, alongside related materia medica.

Other important aspects of the course include:

  • How to recognize and work with the nature of acute disease; acute indispositions, true acute disease, and acute expressions of chronic disease
  • The relationship of acute disease to chronic disease and the long-term management of health
  • Case receiving in the acute setting
  • Approaches to perceiving and organizing the totality (the true basis for any homeopathic prescription) in acute cases
  • Prioritization of symptoms; understanding the meaning and significance of the symptoms of the disease vs. the symptoms of the patient
  • Location and selection of rubrics in the Repertory
  • Comparative materia medica in the context of common acute conditions
  • Getting the lead out - efficiency in acute prescribing, without compromising good practice
  • Posology - potency and repetition - in acute settings
  • Practice management; how to provide acute care and still have a life

This course was designed for the practitioner who already has experience but wishes to master new skills for acute cases. But students and even serious home prescribers can benefit from this detailed and comprehensive study of common acute complaints and their homeopathic solutions.

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