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An Introduction to the Homeopathic Treatment of Catarrhal Conditions

Join Dr. Millar for an introduction to his upcoming course and take a look at acute and chronic infections of the Sinus, Ears, Nose and Tonsils.



The old-fashioned term “catarrh” has many recognizable names—snot, mucus, phlegm—all of which are cringeworthy. No one wants to think about—much less look at—snot. The only chapter in our repertories that might create a worse reaction is the stool chapter.

But look at snot we must—both figuratively and literally—if we wish to be the best homeopaths we can be. Dr. John Millar, ND will be your professional guide through the sticky terrain of mucus in this 6-week course. By the end of it, you will be able to examine catarrh with aplomb, confident that your knowledge of it will allow you to find the correct remedy. You’ll understand the types, colors, and consistencies of mucus with a proficiency that will lead you to greater success in your catarrhal cases.

Catarrh—the over-production and/or build-up of mucus—can appear in any airway or cavity of the body that has mucosa. The areas most susceptible to catarrh are the nose, throat, and sinuses, but the eyes, lungs, and all other parts of the GI tract are potential catarrh storehouses as well. In fact, Dr. Millar teaches that a disturbance in the GI tract is often the root cause of many chronic catarrhal conditions. You will learn how several of the nosodes (including bowel nosodes) are critical players in the homeopathic defeat of chronic catarrh, and how chronic catarrhal illnesses are a sign of a troubled immune system.

The nosodes, as well as many standard remedies, each have mucus-related keynotes that will help a homeopathic practitioner hone in on one prescription. For example, Morgan (pure), Sycotic co, and Psorinum are often indicated if a client has cheesy deposits in the tonsils. We often think of Sabadilla for allergic rhinitis, but Sinapis nigra is also helpful, if the picture fits. Dr. Millar will cover these and many other remedies, explaining the differential diagnoses between them.

Conditions that will be covered in this course include:

  • Rhinitis
  • Sinusitis
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Otitis
  • Tonsilitis

Dr. Millar will present cases from his own clinical experience, and related materia medica.

Those who have already taken a course with Dr. Millar know that they are fun, fact-filled, and laden with an expertise that comes from many years of experience. If you haven’t yet taken one of Dr. Millar’s courses, you’re in for a treat! His holistic perspective and vast knowledge base will give you the tools to improve your case taking and analysis skills, and will enrich the way in which you practice homeopathy.

Everyone has tussled with snot at one time or another. This course will allow you to treat the vast array of catarrhal illnesses—everything from allergies to opthalmia neonatorum—with success.